I have been supplying my ceramics to Appendage in Brighton for many years now, and it has to be one of my favourite stockists. Hilary, the owner has a real flair for buying from British designers with a creative, decorative edge and grouping them together to create eye-catching areas all around her shop. 

Appendage is situated in Kensington Gardens, part of The Laines, a real hub for shoppers and tourists, the streets are always bustling with people, and this area is renowned for it's independent shops and cafes. Not a chain store in sight! Some of the shops come and go, but Appendage is here to stay, a proud position created by Hilary's hard work and commitment to offering unusual gifts and homewares at a great price. 

Hilary Ormshier, Appendage

It's always lovely to pop in to shops that sell my work, as I rarely get to see it on display like this and it is always inspiring. Walking around Appendage I took a few pictures to show-off what else Hilary has on offer, as well as my designs. There's Lampshades, Aprons, Money boxes and other items from Lush Designs, (good friends of mine who I often hang-out with at trade shows), as well as ceramics by Ken Eardley and kitchen textiles, bags and purses by Poppy Treffry, another good friend from doing the rounds of the shows! I loved the Autumnal, burnt-orange themed window display, with beautiful woven woolens creating a backdrop to the smaller items.


A few words from Hilary...


"Appendage is a shop and gallery selling products hand-made by British makers. Accessories for the individual and the home. We concentrate on colour and surface decoration. Both make a strong statement when translated into different mediums, including ceramics, felt, glass, jewellery, mosaic, paper and textiles.
Some of our makers are well known in craft circles and others make small ranges exclusively for us. All our products are individual and innovative. A wide range of items and a broad price range mean it’s possible to buy a special present or have a spontaneous treat.

Appendage opened 25 years ago... I can't believe it! It was when I first moved to Brighton from London where I worked as a fashion designer and lecturer after studying fashion at the Royal College of Art. Over the years I have become more involved in craft although I think my fashion background is still apparent in my choices.

As you can imagine, over the years we've had a fantastic range of work from many different designers and according to our customers we still do! Some makers we've stocked for several years. Their ranges change so there is always a sense of something new. Each season we find new makers and the emphasis changes throughout the year, winter... texture, colour, summer... colour, print. Our jewellery ranges are extensive and made from many materials... felt, leather, fabric, resin, glass,  again colour is important. We are not promoting a lifestyle - we want to encourage our customers to be individual in their homes and on their person. Lots of customers come and tell us how many positive comments their purchases provoke."


display in Appendage

The Autumn window display

display in Appendage

Shelves packed with goodies, to suit any budget.

display in Appendage

Toadstools, woollens snd slippers for Autumn's chillier evenings.


If you are visiting Brighton, make sure that you pop in and see for yourself how alluring everything is! Or you can follow their blog

Appendage, 36 Kensington Gardens, Brighton BN1 4AL

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