Coming out of hibernation...

We hope you had a gorgeous long Easter weekend, and that you feel a bit more rejuvenated and ready to take on springtime in all its glory! The plants and animals are all coming out of hiding which should bring with it more hope and excitement for summer! Recently, we gave our favourite hibernating animal, the hedgehog, a brand new floral photoshoot to celebrate their return to the world. Don't they look lovely?
Hedgehog Collection
Embracing nature
As Hannahs daughter, I naturally share her interest in permaculture (I'm not as seasoned at gardening as her though). I've been growing a little herb box on my balcony since February as I don't have a garden. It's been great to see everything sprouting recently! I've been really enjoying going out to pick fresh herbs for my cooking. I feel like supermarkets give you too much in one bag sometimes and I can NEVER get through them. So I've saved a little bit of money I guess :)
Get Planting!
In the spirit of self-sufficiency, I wanted to give our Planters a spotlight today because they are perfect for this! They really do become such spectacular objects once you've got something green growing out of them, and they look lovely in the kitchen or living room. 
I personally think the Hedgehog Planters are a great way to start out with growing something simple for yourself, like coriander or thyme, as they are slightly smaller. Our Elephant and Wild Boar Planters are larger and are a good size for a couple of decorative plants. 
These Planters come with families too! We have matching Salt and Pepper Shakers and Egg Cups that are all made to be displayed together. The Wild Boar Piglet Salt and Peppers are probably the cutest designs in my opinion. Have a look at our Hedgehog and Elephant collections for some more ideas. Our planters make a great centre piece to a dining room table, especially when surrounded by little mini-me's! What better way to embrace springtime and nature?
Megan x

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