Here we are in Hall 6 Contemporary Gift, showing our newest products and some of the older favourites too. The new Puffin Salt and Pepper Shakers are getting a lot of attention, we are very proud to be working with the RSPB on all of our Puffin designs, each one sold gives a donation towards their Puffin conservation. The trade shows, once the build-up is over, can be good fun, I get to wander around the halls and see what else is here for stockists to buy. There’s a feel of dark, moody glamour to some of the stands here, with bronze planters and lots of lush foliage still being very popular. Grey and mustard are also still favourites for decor, with plenty of plush velvets around.  I think sustainability is starting to be more important to a lot of the brands, and there seem to be less inflatable future landfill products hitting the market, which is great news. There’s a rise of vegan products, and less plastics used by some of the more responsible brands, all really good news. We are surrounded by some lovely British businesses, and there a strong showing here by our Sri Lankan manufacturer, with 3 stands near to me and us also showing products made by them. Not everything needs to be made in China! We are on day 2 of 5 days, and have already met quite a few of our existing customers, it always brightens our day to hear how they are doing and what they are here looking for. The show feels buoyant and although retail is tough at the moment, if you keep your finger on the pulse, and look for new fresh products with an ethical and sustainable emphasis, there’s plenty of goodies here for you!

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