I have a lot to thank my Dad, Dick Turner for, he’s a keen bird-watcher and introduced me to a love of wildlife so I spent a lot of time as a kid out in the natural world learning about birds and other animals. This became the backbone of what inspires my creativity, and so very important to my business. 

So I am posting this above picture of us here, I think I was about 7, so it’s 1977 or thereabouts. We are at a wedding, and I think he’s having a serious chat to me about something!

My Dad is a do-er, always trying out new things, making stuff, growing stuff, building stuff and photographing stuff! He has written books, built a house, built the interior of a camper van of late, designed and helped build the workshop that I sit in every working day. He is currently touring on his own around Iceland in his new camper van, not only that but blogging about it too! See his blog here, it's called Wales to Iceland by Sea

Dad building the workshop

Dad perched on the roof of my workshop as we built it.


He and my Mum gave me the belief that I could do what I want if I put my mind to it. They were both self-employed, and didn’t shriek in horror when I decided to follow in their path. Although he was sceptical about me choosing to forge a career in ceramics, he supported me along the way, and the ‘bank of Dad’ has helped this business get to where it is today.


 Pewsey Carnival


The picture above shows us all inthe 70s dressed-up for Pewsey Carnival, where I grew up. Dad is in the tin hat! I am the littlest one in the photo.


The irony is he doesn’t really ‘do’ Father’s Day, and doesn’t like sentimental creations such as this. But what the hell!! Happy Father’s Day on Sunday Dad, I won’t be seeing you as you are away, but I will be thinking of you!

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