Deck the Halls with Our Charming Ceramic Baubles: Unique Christmas Decoration Ideas!


The holiday season will soon be upon us, and at Hannah Turner this year, we're going to add some more quirky, multipurpose style to your holiday decor with these new charming Toadstool, Boston Terrier, Peacock, and Red Squirrel ceramic Hanging Decorations! The fun catch is that these decorations can be used year-round, so once your holidays are over, there’s no need to pack them away! In this blog post, we'll explore some creative and festive ways to incorporate these delightful ornaments into your Christmas decorations.

  1. Woodland Wonderland:

Handmade Ceramic Red Squirrel Hanging Decoration by Hannah Turner

Create a magical woodland-themed Christmas tree by pairing our Red Squirrel and Toadstool Hanging Decorations with rustic elements like wooden ornaments, burlap ribbons, and foraged pinecones. Hang these baubles strategically among greenery for an enchanted forest vibe that will transport your home into a winter wonderland.

  1. Elegant Peacock Palette:

Handmade Ceramic Peacock Hanging Decorations

The vibrant blue of our Peacock decorations are perfect for those who like a more opulent holiday aesthetic. Combine the Peacock with deep teal, emerald green, and gold ornaments to evoke the extravagant beauty of a peacock's plumage. Where my mother lives in Wiltshire, there’s a big manor house with its own peacocks that roam the town. I love finding their feathers and displaying them in my home. So if you can find any real peacock feathers, they’ll do very nicely too! Alternatively, you could create an exotic bird theme with the Peacock, Flamingo, Turkey, Puffin, and Penguin decorations.

  1. Dog Lover's Paradise:
Handmade Ceramic Boston Terrier Hanging Decoration by Hannah Turner

If you're a dog lover, our Boston Terrier decorations are an absolute must-have. Incorporate them into your Christmas decor with a dedicated "Puppy Love" tree. Use red and green dog-themed decorations, paw print ribbons, and bone-shaped ornaments to celebrate your furry friend's spirit during the holiday season. We also have a cute little pink Poodle, Scruffy Dog and a Grey Tabby Cat in our collection that all look fabulous together!

  1. Enchanted Garden:

Handmade Ceramic Toadstool Hanging Decoration by Hannah Turner

For a truly eccentric Christmas tree, mix and match our Toadstool, Red Squirrel, and Peacock decorations. Add fairy lights, tiny birdhouses, and miniature garden gnomes for a magical garden theme that will delight guests of all ages.

  1. Tabletop Centrepiece:

Handmade Ceramic Hanging Decorations by Hannah Turner

Don't limit your ceramic hanging decorations to just the tree. Create a stunning mantelpiece or tabletop display by placing a few of them amongst foraged pine branches, candles and pinecones for an elegant holiday display.

      6. Stocking-filler:

Naturally, these ornaments are small and precious enough to make excellent stocking fillers for loved ones. Choose whichever decoration you think matches your giftee's personality the best.

And of course, once Christmas is over, dot these ornaments about the house. They look lovely on mantel pieces, shelves and any hooks or nails on your walls!

This holiday season, revamp your Christmas decor with the help of our new Toadstool, Boston Terrier, Peacock, and Red Squirrel ceramic hanging Decorations. Whether you choose a theme or mix and match our ornaments, they are sure to bring joy and personality to your holiday decor. Visit the Christmas section on our website to explore our entire collection for some more festive gift and home ideas.

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