Spring is around the corner, which is time for us to get back outside and enjoy all that Mother Nature has to offer. It’s also time for our egg cup giveaway!

Over the past few years, I have developed a deep love of growing my own vegetables. So, while we’re waiting for the soil to warm up there are plenty of other jobs to do in the garden. I have sown seed trays with tomato and cucumber, which are just starting to sprout. It’s always rewarding to see the first shoots push through the compost and now it’s a question of keeping them alive until the weather improves. On dry days I’ve also been out weeding and planning what else I want to grow this year – one of my favourite aspects of growing my own!

Easter Egg Cup Gifts

All vegetables taste better when they’re eaten fresh, so harvesting our own produce guarantees us delicious, nutrient-rich food, with a very short time and distance from plot to plate. It also helps support my ethos of being virtually vegan. I say virtually because I do occasionally eat eggs from my neighbour’s chickens as I know they are happy, high welfare hens who are often found enthusiastically scratching away in my garden.

Eggs are intrinsically tied to Easter, and this time of year is the busiest for our handmade ceramic egg cups. I have been making egg cups for over 10 years now and the collection of creatures is gradually growing. This year I am adding elephants, wolves and hedgehogs to the menagerie – quite the mix! The wolves are part of my ongoing advocacy and support for rewilding,as I hope one day to see wolves reintroduced to the wild here in the UK. This would give us a better mix of predatorsto balance our ecosystems – and might make walks in the countryside even more interesting!

My peacock design remains one of our most popular egg cups. I actually modelled this during my first trip to Sri Lanka, sat in the back seat of a taxi, using a plasticine-type material! I’m going back to Sri Lanka this month and hope to be similarly inspired into designing more contemporary tableware.

Another big seller is our handmade ceramic flamingo egg cup. Across the range I always try to produce unique and striking designs and I feel that the peacock and flamingo are emblematic of this ethos.

Egg cup giveaway

To celebrate Easter, we are holding an egg cup giveaway! To enter the prize draw to win the egg cup of your choice, simply:

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 And if you don’t win, you can still treat yourself to an egg cup from our online store – choose from a wide range of animal designs, from household pets such as cat and fish through to exotic wildlife like orangutan and tiger.

Somehow, we got through a whole Easter blog there without a single egg pun! Egg-shellent work…

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