Enchant Your Table with Our wonderful Wolf Salt and Pepper Shaker Set

Wolf Salt and pepper Shakers 
Fresh from the Hannah Turner Studios, welcome our new Wolf Salt and Pepper Shakers, here to bring some mystery and feral drama to your table. For this design, I took inspiration from children's fairy tale picture books and the native UK woodland animals of yore. I thought I'd use this opportunity to tell you all about my thought process behind their creation.
Little Red Riding Hood
Humans have always been in conflict with wolves, there are so many folk tales about deceptive, threatening, and always terrifyingly hungry, wolves. Although this makes great storytelling, I think this is a bit of a shame! When I first got the idea to create a wolf when I was expanding my Woodland Wildlife collection, I wanted to appeal to the side of people that might empathise with this animal. In the past, humans made a great effort to kill off the wolf species in Europe, resulting in the disappearance of these beautiful creatures from our woodlands, and sadly, we don't have wolves in the UK anymore. Wolf reintroduction programs have been going on in many places worldwide for decades now, but there isn't as much space nowadays for wolves to roam without eventually coming into contact with humans, traps and road accidents.
Handmade Ceramic Wolf Salt and Pepper and Egg Cup by Hannah Turner
As I'm always passionate about re-wilding and conservation, I wanted to create something as an homage to the wolf, to bring them back into our consciousness, and to give them back a bit of their honour. I thought of the pack that raised Mowgli in the Jungle Book, or the motherly wolf in the Romulus and Remus tale, and I wanted these Salt and Pepper Shakers to seem more like companions than enemies. I hope that the general attitude toward wolves can shift for the better, and that it can result in ever increasing focus on their protection.
the standout feature of these salt and peppers is their big yellow eyes. I think they strike a fine balance between comical… and almost shifty, like they might be guarding your dinner for you!
A lot of the time when I create salt and pepper or egg cup designs, I have children in mind. I will never forget certain toys or objects from my childhood that I attached to. And so I thought that a recognisable character from bedtime stories, like the wolf, would make a great item at meal times for children to use as a vessel for their imaginative minds!
These Wolf Salt and Pepper Shakers are a part of my larger native wildlife collection, which includes the Wild Boar, Red Squirrel and Hedgehog designs.
Woodland Wildlife collection
How to Incorporate Them into Your Table Setting?
These shakers go perfectly with the Wolf Egg Cup and any other design from the Wildlife Lovers collection, as well as the Toadstool tableware collection! Share the magic with friends and family by gifting them a set. It's a wonderful way to bring a touch of folkloric charm into their homes.
Our Wolf Salt and Pepper Shaker set is more than just a practical kitchen accessory; it's a piece of art that transports you to the world of children's fairy tales and the enchanting forests of the UK.
Let the Wolf Salt and Pepper Shaker Set become a cherished part of your families meal times!

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