Hello, Hannah Turner fans!

This is Megan writing to you all today. I’m Hannah’s daughter, and also her newest employee! Mum has asked me to write a blog post for her from my perspective of working in the business, giving a bit of an insight into what I do and how I'm finding things- which is nice.

Working on the clay birds!

My role is mainly marketing, writing newsletters and general website upkeep with the occasional bit of ceramic work. I started out very simply as this was all fairly new territory to me- although I've always done a bit of ceramic work for Mum throughout the years when I needed pocket money. I was mainly writing new product descriptions (trying to make them as humorous and silly as possible) and updating images for the website. Writing has always been something I gravitated towards and it was great to be able to use some skills from my Literature and Art History degree! I also had a lot of fun getting my hands dirty with alternate days of clay work.

Ducks that I've made

After a few months of being trained up, I am now taking more charge of planning and writing newsletters to email subscribers, keeping you all up to date with new products, sales, and any other business updates. I’ve also been improving my slip-casting skills (the foundation of each ceramic product) as well as doing more fiddly paint work. Doing some of the finishing touches on Mum's Flying Bird Trios was a particularly proud moment for me. I find working behind the scenes so nice! I had a few years of doing more customer service based jobs before working for mum and always found it a little bit overwhelming, so it’s been very good for me to work in a relaxed environment alongside familiar faces. It is also great to be able to spend more time with family after moving away to go to university and then being stuck there during multiple lockdowns…

Walk to work with Mum and Betty

Nowadays, I live in Bristol where I was born and raised. I get the train to Westwood where Mum is now based and then usually spend a few days there, working with her whilst also getting fed and watered. Mum and Dave and I all have a pleasant walk in the morning to the workshop together with our dog, Betty. A real perk of the job is having an adorable little dog under my desk at all times! After a few days at Mum's, I will usually head back home to Bristol where I do a lot of band practices and occasional gigs with my two bands.

Me onstage

I’ve learned a lot so far! I feel very happy to be of service in Mum’s business. I’ve seen it grow as I have also grown and I’m so proud of what she’s achieved over the years. Being able to see my own impact in the work she does is really rewarding as well. It also helps that I absolutely love Mum’s designs. My favourites are her Cat and Dog Tableware ranges, particularly the Cat Butter Dish and the Dog Coasters. I think the illustration style is so lovely and Mum's choice of colours is spot on!

Anyway, I hope you enjoyed reading. Maybe I'll do another blog post some time soon!

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