How to add some WOW!! to your walls: just add our Ceramic Flying Toucan Trio

These collectible pieces can bring a burst of colour and tropical flair to any space. Here's some suggestions for showcasing and incorporating them into your home:

Handmade Ceramic Flying Toucan Trio for the wall, by Hannah Turner

  1. Select an Accent Wall: Choose a wall in your home that could use a bold and eye-catching focal point. This could be a living room wall, a hallway, or even a bedroom accent wall.

  2. Arrange the Toucans Creatively: Place the ceramic Toucans on the wall in an artistic and dynamic arrangement. Consider positioning them in a diagonal formation or in a way that suggests movement – as if they are truly flying across the wall. You can test where to position them using paper templates before you commit.

  3. Play with Height: Vary the height at which you hang each Toucan to add visual interest. This creates a more dynamic and three-dimensional look on the wall.

  4. Choose Complementary Colours: Consider the existing colour scheme of the room when placing the Toucans. Ensure that the colours of the Toucans complement or contrast with the surrounding decor to make them stand out. Here we chose pink to keep it bright and lively, and they stand out very well against this candy colour

  5. Proper Lighting: Illuminate the Toucans with appropriate lighting. Use spotlights or accent lights to highlight the details and colours of the Toucans

  6. Frame the Display: We have never tried this but it is worth considering! Try framing the Toucans with decorative moulding or borders to give them a more polished and intentional look. This framing can help draw attention to the trio and make them feel like a cohesive art piece. Maybe paint a rectangle of colour for them to sit against?

  7. Create a Gallery Wall: If you have a collection of these Toucans or other wall art, consider creating a gallery wall. Mix and match different sizes and shapes for a visually appealing display.

  8. Maintain Spacing: Ensure there is adequate spacing between each Toucan, so they don't feel cluttered. This helps maintain a sense of balance and prevents the wall from looking overcrowded.

  9. Add Greenery or Accessories: Enhance the tropical theme by incorporating potted plants, botanical prints, or other decor elements that complement the Toucans. We have a touch of festive foliage here, and of course the gorgeous Christmas paper fans, which really brightens-up the space.

  10. Admire and Enjoy: Step back and admire your newly decorated wall. These flying tropical ceramic Toucans not only add aesthetic appeal but also bring a playful and lively atmosphere to your living space.

Remember, each set of Toucans that we ship out has hanging instructions in the box, so you won't have to worry about the best way to wall-mount them. We suggest you don't place them in a busy thoroughfare or somewhere they can easily get knocked, but if you do have an incident, we do sell replacements in all sizes!

Happy Decorating! 

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