See Hannah Turner's designs on The Great Pottery Throwdown

If you are a regular viewer of The Great Pottery Throwdown, you may have seen our designs make an appearance a few times now!

In the most recent series, our Flamingo and Toadstool Salt and Peppers, and our Toadstool Sugar Pot appeared in the inspiration section for the Roast Dinner Set Challenge in the first episode. They included some lovely close-up shots of the designs, which was so lovely to see.

The Great Pottery Throwdown 2024

We have now been featured 4 times on the show, last year it was our Flying Bird Trios of Pigeons and Owls, the year before Cat Egg Cups
The first year they used our Peacock Tableware range, I made a special Coffee Pot just for the show!

The Great Pottery Throwdown 2024

I know Keith from doing trade shows, he is such an entertainer in real life as well as on the show, regaling us with stories of filming and his life alongside. I even went to see his live show last year, he is a very dedicated, hard-working potter. He is touring again this year with  @faneproductions click here to book tickets!
Through doing The Great Pottery Throwdown, he and his co-workers have really helped shine a light on the industry with all of its trials and tribulations! But mostly he is known for being the man that blubs on TV!

The Great Pottery Throwdown 2024

We're so grateful to be featured again, and that Keith and Richard think the designs are worthy of being an example to inspire others! A big thank you to the Throwdown!
Sunday Nights, Channel 4 7:45 PM

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