Taking inspiration from the gardening experts at the Chelsea Flower Show

As we step into the vibrant months of summer, we've enjoyed the escapism that is the Chelsea Flower Show. Sadly I didn't go this year, but have enjoyed the inspiration that comes from watching it on the television instead! The event not only showcases the finest in horticultural design but also inspires creativity and innovation in those who attend. Last year I went with some old friends, and we marvelled at the sustainability gardens with nettles making a comeback. "Hooray!" we all cheered, "our gardens are finally on trend!!"

Chelsea Garden

Sustainable gardens that encourage biodiversity are clearly now all the rage, and it's been a big focus in the Chelsea Flower Show for a few years. Last year was awash with weeds like dandelions, nettles and brambles to highlight how essential they are to gardens and wildlife. This year it was the hedgerow favourite Ragged Robin in everyones baskets! It's lovely to see the emphasis on native plants, as these then support native wildlife such as moths and butterflies.

Flower with bumblebee

I have a riot of foxgloves this year in my French garden, the result of simply shaking a dried seed over some bare soil head two years ago! They came up everywhere and the bees love them (also note slugs and snails don't eat them, worth thinking about after the May we have had!)

Me with Foxgloves

This year they were also focusing on small balcony gardens, encouraging people to cram in as much greenery as they can to counteract the negative impacts of city living. We at Hannah Turner can also relate, Megan only has a balcony garden, but now has window boxes full of herbs to up her culinary game!

Megan's window box

You can of course grow them inside, using our growing range of Ceramic Planters, from the smaller Boar or Hedgehog to the larger Elephant Planter, they are great for succulents, or herbs such as thyme, and will give you a reassuring sense of greenery around the house. Useful for those without a garden and a fun alternative to a plain plastic pot.

Handmade Ceramic Wild Boar Planters by Hannah Turner

We also have our Tall Jugs which are perfect for showcasing fresh-cut flowers and grasses, what a wonderful way to create your own flower show and get excited for the summer season! It would be a mistake to not mention that these novelty jugs are great for making batches of iced cocktails. A must-have for the hot weather ahead :)

Handmade Ceramic Moth Tall Jug by Hannah Turner

We are also reflecting the Chelsea Flower Show's values of re-wilding and sustainability in the ceramics we create. You will see endangered species like moths, hedgehogs, puffins and tigers appear in our designs and we are doing our bit for the conservation of these animals and the natural world they depend on through raising awareness, charity donations, and responsibility at each step of production. Better business all round! 

Earth Day

If you want to read more about our conservation and sustainability efforts, our most recent Earth Day blog goes really in depth on our aim to make our business as sustainable as we can. We also include steps you can take, as well as resources for organisations that we've taken advice and inspiration from. Read our How It's Made and our Net Zero Pledges page for more about our journey to where we are as a business today. 

Thanks for reading,
Hannah x

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