The evolution of Hannah Turner's Flying Duck Trio

Now that the Flying Duck Wall Trios are out, I thought I'd give you a bit of insight into how they were created and the process that goes on behind getting a new design from my brain and into the real world. 

The first step starts with modelling the shapes of the ducks out of clay, refining the sizes of each bird and the direction and angles of the wings- quite a lot of creative decisions involved in this bit.

Hannah crafting the ducksDuck cast

I usually need to leave an initial model for a while and come back to see if I still like it! If I still approve of my design after some time away, the mold making process comes next. Each mould for the flying birds has three parts that are shaped to fit the body, and three different moulds need to be created for each size of bird.

Duck in mold

Once the moulds have been created and I have some cast ducks fired in the kiln, I'll decide on which underglaze colours to use to mimic the feather pattern of a mallard.

Duck inspiration

After testing different colours and deciding on the finer printed detail to go on top of the underglaze colours, this is tested on the final glazed birds. Then they get handed over to Sri Lanka for them to learn how to replicate them.

Flying Ducks in kiln

In the early stages, I was teaching Megan how to paint the ducks and we made a fair few sets ourselves! I'm going to do some limited edition ducks handmade by me in the studio at some point.

Megan glazing flying ducks by Hannah TurnerMe with the final product

And then lastly, there's the designs for the box labels that I created with the help of Danny who does some of the graphic design. I wanted to create a sense of them being in flight (obviously!) So we added some fluffy clouds, as they are never far away these days!

Wall mounted flying ducks sticker art by Hannah Turner

And there you have it! What a truly great feeling it is to see an idea through until it becomes a real thing! I'm very happy to see all of this years' new designs finally out in the world.

If you're interested, you can have a read through my other pieces on the new Hedgehog, Elephant and Wolf designs! and of course, if you love these Flying Ducks, do check out the Toucans, Puffins, Pigeons and Owls from the Flying Wall Trio range.

Thank you for reading!


Hannah and Megan (she helps me compose the blogs these days, so I can concentrate on creative stuff!)

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